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Planting flower bulbs can be an easy way to add color and variety to garden areas. Plant a variety of bulbs during the Fall and Winter season and simply enjoy their arrival in various times of the year. Using flower bulbs such as Lily, Narcissus, Tulip, Iris, Crocus, and Daffodil to add new color and character to the garden, this can often be done without hiring a landscaper. Simply purchase the bulbs and bury them in the garden. As a general rule flower bulbs can be planted 2x as deep as the size of the bulb.

Many bulb and flower variety packs can be found in stores starting in February. Fall and autumn bulbs can be located in nurseries and found online as well. Plant immediately and enjoy the flowers! Plant bubls by height using shorter flowers in front and taller flowers in the rear bulb packages will give descriptions of the flwer height and time period that the flower should emerge, for example tulips usually procedd dafodils and they can be planted next to each other. Daffodils are also not attractive to gophers and moles so having these near other bulbs just might save them. perenial flowers like day lillies and many others can be planted in the same areas to have a year long garden.

Many bulb and flower combinations can be used in the bay area since our climate is very accomodating for numerous flower species. When planting bulbs in the fall there is no need to water them they will stay preserved and wait for the rain and cold weather and then the flowers will come.
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