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The Cost of Building a deck can vary greatly and it took some time and research to understand why some factors could double or triple the costs. A few years back we asked 6 licensed deck builders and contractors to help us design and provide bids for Bay Area Deck projects and we found out some very important facts. All of the contractors seemed to be knowledgeable in basic construction, yet each one offered different ideas and perspectives into the project, making this one of the most difficult comparisons we have done. After learning about all the materials and options available a deck can truely be a work of art, adding lighting and railing design, mixed with other creative ideas can make a deck addition a truely beautiful part of any home. The location, materials, size and design will all determine what the cost will be!
  • Most decks attached to a home require a permit which requires a set of plans. Adding this to the project added 15%- 20% to the overall cost.
  • 3 of the 6 Contractors gave estimates without asking about a permit, plan or drawing.
  • Railing styles and materials can increase or reduce the cost of the deck greatly, only 2 contractors discussed the various railing options. Composite railing systems added a significant cost over other types of railings.
  • Composite decking added slightly more to the initail cost over redwood and when redwood decks included staining and sealing this percentage seemed to make composite decking more attractive.
  • Other items that came up included top screws, versus under pinning fastners, the direction of surface boards horizontal, angular or other, drainage, deck lighting, skirting, deck benches, planter boxes and other decorative additions and options.

Deck Construction cost example: We included the sample bid cost we recieved from a reputable and local deck builder

Sample deck construction bids - see 2018 update below
Job Location -Residence back yard
Site Access- easy access
Work area - dirt (no demolition or excavation needed)
Job type- Backyard Deck attached to house 14'x18' 268 sq ft (with steps to upper yard), Redwood Common and optional Trex Composite Decking
( deck surface height 16" above semi level grade and has no railings)
screw mounted surface, treated wood support structure
Average contractor Price Redwood $11,800 Trex $14,500
Expected Job duration 8-12 days


Example deck design & construction bids
Job Location -Residence back of house
Site Access- all access made through side gate, limited staging area
Work area - to go over concrete patio and lawn area remove concrete steps to sliding glass door, deck surface height 25" above grade engineered footings at 24" depth
Job type- Backyard Deck custom shape 510 sq ft (with 3 steps to yard 6' wide')
Bids requested- Redwood Con-Common and Trex Composite Decking
42" redwood post and basic picket railing
screw mounted surface, treated wood support structure
Average contractor Price Redwood $20,375 Trex  $24,250
Expected Job duration 10-14 days

*Sample bid estimates are based on bids from California licensed contractors only. Contractors who were unable to provide license information, start the job within 90 days, or did not provide complete estimates were not included. Click Here to view more sample project bids.

*2020 update- prices have increased by 20% since we last ran sample bids. We spoke with industry pros, deck builders and decking suppliers and they say that wood prices have increased greatly in California, making composite decking more competitive

The value of front and backyard Decks
Many real-estate agents will agree that one of the best outdoor improvements you can do for your home is a backyard or front porch deck. Decks can be built using redwood, composite lumber such as; Trex, Truedek, Timbertech deck and others, or hardwoods to create enhanced living space and a great location for outdoor entertaining. Building a deck does require general construction knowledge and planning, but the reward of having a beautiful deck can add value, beauty, and usable space to your home.

Level of difficulty to attempt it yourself
Smaller ground level decks may be simpler projects for a home owner to attempt, but with steps lighting, benches, railings, or other deck elements, building a deck may be something better left to a professional.

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Deck Materials

The most common decking wood here in Northern California.
Pros: Natural looking, beautiful color, Materials easy to locate, Lower construction cost Cons: Some redwoods may not be eco-harvested, requires sealing and semi-annual maintenance, flammable, potential for splinters.

New decking hardwoods like IPE and Batu decking are sold for outdoor and indoor decks, these decking materials can be attractive but also require some maintenance and are heavier than other materials.
Pros: Beautiful darker colors when new , wood is hard and durable. Cons: Construction cost, Ipe and batu hardwoods may not be eco-harvested, require more maintenance than composites, non environmentally friendly.

Composite woods
todays most common Decking. Composites are a popular alternative to lumber. Numerous colors sizes and styles are available and offer a very low maintenance option from wood.
Pros: very low maintenance, design options, trex decking offers many more colors and textures compared to a few years ago, easy to clean. Cons: Higher initail costs, some colors may fade, high priced railing systems, heavier material weight.

Painted wood
Many painted decks or porches are built using white woods like fir or pine rather than treated woods or Redwood. Although this may save you a little money in construction cost, Pine and other white woods will decay much faster. Painting all surfaces of the wood can provide a barrier against moisture, but moisture eventually gets in, and the wood will decay.
Pros: Price of Lumber, Fir materials can be as low as 1/3 the cost of redwood, and painting cost are comparable to staining. Cons: Shorter life Span, suseptible to moisture and termites, needs to be repainted, softer wood scars easily .

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