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Bay Area Irrigation Contractors Materials and Information

We have Included some basic information on irrigation systems, drip systems, common problems and fixes, most irrigation problems are related to broken lines valves and sprinklers and are often easy to replace without a plumber or landscaper.. Drought tolerant landscapes, landscaping and plants along with California native plants and low maintenance gardens are an important part of modern eastbay and bay area landscapes.

Basic Irrigation Information

Designing and installing irrigation systems in most cases does not need to be overly complex, in fact we found many people and companies in this industry willing to help for those attempting a do-it-yourself project. We found more than one irrigation equipment manufacturer willing to help design a irrigation plan and even the home box store staff in this department was more knowledgable than we expected. Figuring out which type of equipment is the best for your garden is probably the most complex and confusing. We finally came to the conclusion that numerous products can equally achieve a similar result. Drip irrigation is both better for weed control and water conservation so if you don't have critters eating your drip lines ( ground squirrels) it is probably a good choice.

After you get a design in hand the hardest part of the job is digging the irrigation ditches! With drip irrigation you do not need to bury the pipes so less digging! Do it in the spring when soil is moist! Laying and connecting PVC pipe takes little practice and can be completed quite easily but a landscaping contractor can always help. Slopes, misting, and complex drip systems and multi-zone gardens may require some additional skill or the experience of a professional. Irrigation systems also require some maintenance and upkeep over time, so have a number of a gardener or landscaper handy in case you need to call someone.

Conserve water

  • Many people water their lawns too much! Most lawns need only one inch of water every five to seven days in the summer, and every 10 to 14 days in the winter. A heavy rain means you don't have to water at all! Root systems for grass are developed for how much water is in the soil so watering can be reduced over a slow period to allow for better root development.

  • Choose grass species that are more drought tolerant, and require less water.

  • Use a landscaping design with native and drought-tolerant plants.

  • Apply mulch to the soil to hold in moisture.

  • Group plants according to their water and light needs.

  • Call your water department office to get more tips and information

  • Raise the blade on your lawn mower to at-least three inches high, short grass makes the roots work harder, requiring more water.
  • Consider meadow grasses and other design options for your backyard
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